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About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly Cosby. Thank you for taking a look at my online photography gallery. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures and everyone who knows me laughs that I am much more comfortable behind a lens. I was raised in the Florida panhandle on a bay where there was no lack of beautiful areas to photograph. I rode cross country and dressage horses in my younger years, and I think that is what inspires me to capture the movement and essence of horses. Once married, my husband and I first lived in Colorado. Learning to capture the majesty and light of the mountain landscapes was a challenge I loved. We now live in Missouri, and my husband and I travel frequently. He has been very supportive of my photography passion, and our trip itineraries always include time for pictures.

Photography is something to be shared. I have three older sisters and we all enjoy photography. You’ll see many pictures of the Chincoteague ponies on my site. For several years, my sisters and I have enjoyed our time together on the island photographing these wild ponies. The ponies hold a special place in my heart because they are the excuse my sisters and I have to get together from three different states, but also because the recognition I’ve received from my Chincoteague pictures are what led me to launch my website, online gallery and business.

A great photograph evokes something. Maybe it is an “oh wow” moment, or an “I want to go there”, or a warm, sentimental emotion, or a feeling of our minuteness in God’s majestic creation. Regardless, once that feeling is evoked, one wants to share it. I am happy to share my images with you on this site.  Maybe you’ll find a print here that captures a feeling you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my art.

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